Rental services

Next to the variety of dental products, which are offered on very sharp and competitive price levels, Implatime has entered in the dental market with another unique feature of renting medical devices. Being a pioneer in the dental market, every dental practice has the opportunity to not make the costly purchase of the needed device. Instead, the clinician is able to rent the device for the treatment.

The rental rates are defined by the device you choose, as by the time you need it.

At any time of the day (24/7) you may book by yourself the needed device and reserve this for your treatment, through our calendar. A confirmation e-mail will confirm your reservation.

There is option for using an assistant during the treatment and the use of the device at your practice.

There is the opportunity to inform you about your next appointment in which will make use of the device. This service is done either via a text message on your cell phone, or via email to your email address.