Post made of fiberglass composite and epoxy resin.

  • High mechanical resistance
  • Double tapered design
  • Esthetics


Double taper design: Better adaptation to the canal and less need for dental wear, corresponding to the anatomy of the tooth after endodontic therapy with the most modern files.

Esthetics and excellent translucency: High esthetic capacity and excellent light conductivity, helping the light curing of the cement.

Radiopacity: Possibility of radiographic diagnosis.
Exclusive drill: Specific for each size of post, leading to a standardized radicular preparation.
DC-E Version ( Special)(DC-E): The DC-E version ( Special) has the same apical diameter than its corresponding DC version, but on the cervical third it shows a wider diameter that makes it the best choice for cases where there is less quantity of remaining coronal structure and for teeth with wide canals.
High Safety: Modulus of elasticity similar to dentin, reducing the risk of radicular fracture.


Restoration of endodontically treated tooth to assist in retention of the restorative material and distribute stresses imposed on the tooth.


Packaging containing 05 posts of the same size and their respective drill. Available in the
sizes:  0.5,  1,  2, and  3.