Whiteness HP Automixx


Hydrogen peroxide whitening gel at 35% for in-office use.

  • Self-mixing system
  • Single application per session
  • Contains calcium: maintains the integrity of enamel.


ingle application per session: the product may be kept up to 50 minutes in contact with the teeth without having to be changed, since the pH remains neutral and stable during the whole session.

Easy to Handle: The phases are mixed via a self-mixing tip and the product is released ready for use, with no need for manual manipulation.
Cost reduction: The remaining content can be stored and used later.
Contains calcium: Improves the enamel microhardness decay, keep the enamel integrity during the whitening process.
No color change: The product has bluish-green color and does not change color during the process facilitating visual control.
With heat blocker: In cases when the professional desires to use some sort of light source, the heat blocker prevents the heat generated by these sources from reaching the pulp, preventing hypersensitivity.


  • Whitening of vital and non-vital teeth using the in-office whitening technique.