Composite resin (syringe 4gr)

  •  Natural esthetics
  •  Indicated for anterior and posterior teeth
  •  Glass of German technology, with average particle size of 0.8 μm.


Mechanical strength: Its mechanical properties meet the requirements of restorations in anterior and posterior teeth.

Optical properties: Opalescence and fluorescence compatible with dental structure
Schott glass: Llis’ formulation is based on modern concepts, containing glass fillers made by the German company Schott, one of the most renowned brands in the dental market. These fillers combine high purity, finer grains, refractive index close to dentin and excellent radiopacity.
Simplified Shade System: Features main shades for enamel, dentin and translucent shade.
High shade stability: Esthetic logevity of the restoration.
Excellent Polishing: Esthetic restorations.


• Restorations of anterior and posterior teeth of classes I, II, III, IV and V.
• Direct veneers in resin composite.
• Bonding of tooth fragments.
• Reduction and/or closure of diastema.
• Core build up
• Non-carious cervical lesions.