Intra-Oral Welding


The intraoral welding device connects directly into the patient’s mouth a titanium beam together with the abutments. With this technique is directly created a metal frame, which is connected passively on the implants.



Syncrystallization System is an innovative technique which can be
connect directly into the mouth a bar titanium to temporarily or
permanently stumps. This allows you to achieve a passive connection of
implants without deformities and have a direct titanium frame for your
incremental superstructure! A series of studies published in prestigious
journals (IJOMI, JPerio) showed that the technique is completely safe and
the success rate in cases of direct load was 100%!

Some of the advantages of technical syncristallization are:
 Reduce the time of construction of prostheses in cases
immediate loading.
 Predictable, passive association of implants immediately after
surgery and increase thus the secondary their stability.
 Delivery direct labor-enhanced titanium frame and in this
how to increase endurance in events and reduce any repairs
 Can be used with the classic 2-stage approach healing to take
an impression of precision and avoid implementation problems
in the finished metal frame.