Adhesive system for enamel and dentin

  •  2-step conventional adhesive: primer and bond in the same bottle;
  •  Light-curing.


Higher Adhesive Potential: The presence of MDP in the composition makes a chemical bond with the dental structure, which adds mechanical adhesion, giving the product a superior adhesive strength.

Higher stability and resistance to adhesive film: Due to the presence of treated silica nanoparticles.
Quality of the polymerization: Its chemical characteristics guarantee the quality of the polymerization (even in high moisture environment) and consequent longevity of the adhesive film.


• All classes of direct restorations with composites (classes I, II, III, IV and V) and photo-curable
ionomeric cements.
• Adhesive cementation (together with resinous cement) of prosthetic parts (intracanal posts /
cores, crowns, onlays / inlays and veneers) in fiberglass, ceramics, composite and metal.
• Adhesive repairs in ceramics and composites.