Allcem Core


Dual-curing resin cement for core build-up and adhesive cementation of intraradicular posts and prosthetic crowns.

• 3 in 1 material
• Adhesion to any substrate
• Mechanical strength



3 in 1 material: Indicated for core build-up, cementation of posts and crowns.

Dual curing: Chemical curing in environments where light does not reach and light curing to facilitate the core build-up work.
Radiopacity: Possibility of radiographic diagnosis.
Easy to Handle: The product is applied evenly inside the root canal, dispensing manual mixing and insertion with Lentulo drills.
Mechanical Resistance: High resistance to bending and compression.
Adhesion to any substrate: Excellent adhesion to dentin, enamel, CAD / CAM blocks, ceramic, porcelain, resin and metal.


• Definitive cementation of:

–  Intraradicular posts (fiberglass, carbon or quartz and metal)

– Prosthetic crowns (ceramic, laboratory resin, metal or metal-ceramic).

– Indirect Restorations (inlays, onlays, overlays)

• Preparation of crown or core build-up