About us

By operating in the dental market since 2006, our team has a good knowledge of the dental market and the needs of dental practices. Through co-operations with dental producers, Implatime offers innovated and high quality dental materials. Bringing a new concept in the dental market, Implatime focus on the following values:


We always aim to provide the best possible value for money. In order to achieve this, we calculate rates to the last euro.


Our office with extended office hours provides you the possibility to be served whenever you like. Our procedures are clear, simple and easy for everyone to understand. We make complicated matters easy.


High purchase costs of equipment and depreciation thereof per treatment is a difficult act for the clinician. We know the situation in the dental market inside-out and understand the fact that for a clinician is almost impossible to track the costs per used device in each treatment, so we give the solution: rent the device per treatment, flexible hours of renting and rapid service.